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Fall Conferences..Yikes! Time to air out the dirty laundry…

Do you and your spouse hash it out in front of the teacher at conferences? It’s hard to watch from the hallway for months, only seeing snippets of your student’s work and feverishly reading into every email and newsletter. When conferences come, most parents have a laundry list of questions or don’t have a think to talk about. There’s few in the middle. But the worst is when parents don’t agree at a conference. It’s awkward for a teacher to listen to parents talk about who helps with homework more appropriately or who misbehaved as a youngster and therefore brought such misfortune to the new gene pool. Though this may make great conversation back at home, it’s best to keep the teacher un-informed about who is isn’t carrying their weight at home! Make a commitment to improve and leave it at that.


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