….becoming the teacher's best friend!


Nobody is going to talk about it, but many try it. Does a latte in the morning or a super yummy dessert at the end of the day change the teacher’s outlook? Yes. Is it reciprocated with better grades or other favoritisms? No. Not really.



Gratuities to the teacher work like gifts to any other person you have a relationship with. Whether it’s a hand-made card or an offer to hit the grocery store for supplies, these minor acts of kindness go a long way. They also speak loudly to your child. When your child sees you thinking about the teacher in a positive light, it may counteract previous moments of no-so-nice talk about teacher.

On a budget? Then send a quick email to the teacher saying that you are going garage sale-ing over the weekend and ask if she needs anything. Teachers love the idea that they can get used supplies for the classroom and not have to spend the weekend hunting. This is a double-whammy gift….volunteering and gifting.

Not into buying gifts? You can opt out of the class gift basket or everyone-pitch-in birthday gift. Instead, have your student write a letter or make a scrap-book page for the teacher. Memorable gifts like this go a long way and show the thought, creativity and time put towards showing appreciation. To make it less personal, you can simply purchase a book for the classroom library.

Below are links to fun and funny gifts for teacher. Comment with other ideas!

Language Arts or Librarian: Temporary Tatoo Book ($8) shakespearesden.com

Language Arts or Classroom Teacher: Seal & Wax Set ($19) shakespearesden.com

All Teachers: Fashion Bead Lanyard or Badge Clip ($5-$18) boojeebeads.com

All Teachers: Modern Art Color Print with Teacher’s Name ($20) etsy.com

Math Teacher or Game Club Host: Irridescent Dice Earrings ($14) etsy.com

Primary Grade Teacher: Educational Number Poster 1-10 plus pi ($15) etsy.com

Primary Grade Teacher: Educational Alphabet Poster ($15) etsy.com

Science Teacher: Vintage Microscope Illustration Graphic Tee ($14) etsy.com

Writing Teacher: Footnote Are Great button or magnet ($1) beanforest.etsy.com

Technology Instructor or Teacher with Laptop: Mad Science Laptop Decal ($19) etsy.com

Caffeine Addicted Teacher or Administrator: Coffee with Sugar Necklace ($12) etsy.com

Math Teacher: Math Equation Clock by GeekGear ($15) etsy.com

Science Teacher: Custom Periodic Table Cufflinks ($15) etsy.com

Kindergarten Teacher: Playground Scavenger Hunt Game ($16) etsy.com

Primary Grade Teacher: Build-A-Bear plus Teacher Accessories ($8+) buildabear.com


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