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What Parents Can Buy So Teachers Don’t Have to Splurge.

Most people know that teachers spend between $500 and $600 of their personal monies on classroom supplies and teacher resources each academic year. With nation-wide budget cuts, this number may continue to climb. One thing parents can do to help is to buy those items that we would all rather not see coming out of teacher’s pocket or from the classroom budget. If a teacher has $25 to spend before the month is over, would you rather that go to Clorox wipes or a classroom subscription to the newest online resource for teaching relevant subject matter?

Here are a few things teachers probably hate spending $ on. You make a great impression by purchasing a gift to the classroom. It sends the right message to your child about supporting education as well as a small break for the budget-weary teacher who will inevitably buy it out of her paycheck.

Teachers, if you have other ideas, please comment! Also, update your spending habits at Edutopia’s Annual Reader’s Survey.

1.  “Swine Flu Paraphanalia” (Kleenex, Clorox Wipes and Hand Sanitizer)

2. Other cleaning supplies such as Febreeze, Baby Wipes. Whiteboard cleaner costs about $80 per gallon!

3. That new-release hardback novel that the teacher will need to read before adding to the classroom library!

4. White board markers. Low-Odor ensures minimal marker-sniffing side-effects on the brain.

5. Pencils…sharpened.

6. Develop photos of class activities for portfolios or reflection lessons. Or donate disposable cameras and offer to develop. photobucket.com flickr.com

7. A low-maintenance plant. Watching a plant grow or die throughout the year is a lesson in itself.

8. Replacement recess equipment like jump ropes, balls, frisbees. These things are terribly cheap and break or are lost every few months.

9. Magazine subscription to Time for Kids, Kids Discover or National Geographic Kids.

10. A set of nice thank-you notes for teacher to send out for all the kind gifts to her class!

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